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The Quest Within

The Quest Within offers opportunities for self discovery through solo wilderness experiences, called Vision Quests.

What is a Vision Quest?

The Vision Quest is an ancient, spiritual practice of spending time alone in the wilderness and removing all distractions so you can listen to the source within yourself. Vision Quests have the potential to answer your most burning questions, giving you the opportunity to grow into a more fulfilling version of yourself.

This practice has been passed down to us through the ages, because it works. It was a right of passage into adulthood for indigenous peoples, and you can see many forms of it in the texts of world religions. People are often drawn to a Vision Quest as adults because of a deep yearning for something that is missing in their lives.


“You come face to face with yourself and get to know more deeply who you are, and who you are not. With all the distractions and the noise of daily life removed, and the voices of those around you silenced, you are more able to hear the whisperings of your soul reminding you why you came here in this life. Four days and four nights – just you alone with the Creator.”

-Malcolm Ringwalt


Are you ready to quest?

The commitment to sit and be present with yourself, without distractions, is challenging and not for everyone. How bad do you want it? Are you willing to push yourself to find your Vision? If the answer is yes then this could be for you. If you are drawn to Quest, you undoubtedly also have some fear and anxiety as well. Let’s address some of those concerns.


The impact of questing

"My vision quest experience opened me up to so much inner personal realization. In order to do this deep work and fully surrender into the quest, feeling safe and held in the container WAS EVERYTHING. From the prep going into the quest, being in the quest, and finally the integration back, I felt so held and protected by Bear (Matt). I had a lot of fear being alone in the wild, and Bear's prep and knowledge certainly eased the tension for me."

Nadia Ramo
Vision Quest Nov. 2021


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