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About Our
Protector Training

Overview of our
Protector Training

This is a 10-day class designed to train Vision Quest Protectors and not only teaches about protection, but significantly deepens your own Quest experience, culminating with the Second Level of Quest.

The teachings will include methods of physical and spiritual protection; how to detect areas with light or dark influence; personal and area shielding, shifting into spirit mind; the physical, emotional, and spiritual dangers and difficulties of Vision Questing and the tools to transform these challenges into vision. You will also learn the logistics for organizing, running, and protecting a Vision Quest for others

This course will be lead by Mary Radloff and assisted by Becky Fields Katz and Matt Fields-Johnson. For more information about them go to our bios here. The dates for this year are October 22-31, 2024 in Boulevard, CA.

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Where our Protector Trainings are held

Currently, we are holding Protector Trainings at Liberty Arising, a 165 acre retreat center in the high desert, east of San Diego, California. It is a beautiful property with a long history of spiritual work. The granite boulders and mountains provide a unique landscape for our Protector Trainings.

How to join a Protector Training

PREREQUISITES: Completion of a four-day Vision Quest in this style is required for this class.

After filling out the “request application” form on our website, we will reach out to you to schedule a video call or in-person meeting. In this meeting, we will provide more information about the training and answer any questions you have. If this course is right for you, we will then provide you with an application for an upcoming training. There is a $300 deposit required to reserve your spot, the total suggested donation is $950. This goes towards food expenses, land rental fees, and staffing.

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Origins of our Protector Training

The Protector Course was originally designed by Malcolm Ringwalt of Earth-Heart Institute to train Vision Quest Protectors.  Over his many years of training Protectors, Malcolm found that this course opens an incredibly powerful and effective spiritual life for anyone on this path.  The Protector Course not only teaches about protection, it significantly deepens your own Quest experience and culminates with the Second Level of Quest.

You can visit Malcolm’s website here.

Join a Protector Training

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